Up and ready for school, Shinobu exits her home to find Alice laying water down on the walk. They discuss how they have been faring in the summer weather before heading off to join the others.

The girls head up onto the roof to talk to each other before classes start. Yoko is really excited, since she feels like she didn't get to do anything that she intended on doing the year prior. Although they had fun visiting the mountains and going to the Festival, Yoko really wants to do more active things to help burn up her energy. But seeing how heated she has become, Aya sticks a cooling patch onto her forehead to shut her up for a moment. She voices the importance of planning, so Alice asks them what they even wanted to do. Yoko wants to head out to the beach, but Karen suggests something random like skydiving. They start to bicker until Karen eventually gives in, and noticing the lukewarm responses, Alice asks Shino if she dislikes the beach.

Shino recalls that she was once attacked by a hermit crab when she was little, but the girls don't see much threat behind it, while Aya is concerned since she isn't really good at swimming; she's also not very confident to wear a swimsuit. Alice questions if she may not have one, after mentioning that she doesn't, but upon realizing that Aya is unsure if she has a good body type for a swimsuit, Yoko grabs her waist, much to her shock. Aya runs some feet away from them before bursting into tears from the surprise, but just as Yoko and Alice try to comfort her, she grabs them both by the waist and starts to tickle them for revenge - causing Karen to comment that she's as scary as an angry mom can get.

After she has worn them out, Aya releases her friends and reminds them that they still have a final exam the next week to prepare for. But the moment she brings it up, Shino, Karen, and Yoko get pretty depressed.

By the time school comes to an end, Karen, Aya, and Shino come to Yoko and Alice's class to pick them up and head home. Right away Aya spots the pair of glasses Yoko put on, and she claims that she looks much smarter with them on, so she is sure they can help her test scores. After Aya critisizes her for this, she asks for some aid studying. Aya agrees as the others also ask for her to help, and she suggests they make a stop somewhere on the way home. After Karen suggests they pick an eater, Aya becomes convinced they aren't even motivated to study, once Shino and Alice agree. Yoko claims to be very serious though, and admits that she grabbed prescription glasses instead of the fake ones, calling Aya to call her an idiot.

The girls go out to a Hamburger Place, but before they go in, a little girl runs into Shino. The girl pulls back and apologizes to her Grandmother for running on ahead, but Shino takes this as a sign that the little girl thought she was an old lady. Seeing her depressive state, Alice quickly yells at her to try to snap her out of it, but it doesn't seem to work as the girls get inside and find somewhere to sit. After Aya and Yoko return with their food, the other three go up to place in their own orders; however, Alice is confused since she never ordered fast food in Japan before. She has done it back at home, but she doesn't know if they do it the same and she attempts to watch Karen. Karen starts out normal, requesting the chicken sandwich with cola, but she throws in something random at the end of her order after she catches Alice watching her. At first Alice is confused, and she tries to get help from Shino - but she's totally clueless, leaving her on her own to figure it out.

Speaking to the woman at the counter, Alice asks for the Cheeseburger meal, then she throws in the suggestion Karen made. After doing so, she watches as Shino starts to laugh, flustering her greatly upon realizing it was a trick. After she sits back down with her items, Alice is quick to tell off Karen for playing such a mean trick on her. She apologizes and with that, everyone starts eating. After they watch Karen look around, Aya and Yoko ask if something might be wrong. She mentions an interest in working there and decides she would be great for the job, since she can be really loud when she would need to be, and as she goes to demonstrate, Yoko quickly stops her. She lectures her for yelling and threatens her by saying a monster will come to rid of bad behaving children; to her surprise, this effectively quiets her, and Alice.

To make conversation, Shino asks Alice what sort of job she would like to do. Alice mentions that she would love to try to do something people only in Japan can do, such as New Year card sorting, while Aya voices an interest in the idea of being a Shrine Maiden. The girls agree that Shino would make a good one, but she wants to keep it Western-related, the opposite of Alice. As they continue to chat, Aya watches a couple nearby and starts to wish that she could experience the same sort of thing with Yoko, though she isn't very happy with the idea of getting her clothing dirty. While she believes sacrfices need to be made, she is unable to do it, causing Yoko to question her weird behavior.

As they all finish, Alice and Shino realize they may be too full to bother eating dinner at home, but they were unable to call ahead and let her mom know. Karen offers to let them use her phone, and Alice asks to make the call - but she has no idea how to work the phone. She thinks Karen may be teasing her again, but Karen claims she isn't and they go outside to make the call. She points out which buttons to press and as the girls are doing this, Aya remarks that she believes Alice may have gotten a little taller. Yoko and Shino don't agree though, causing Aya to wonder if she was just mistaking.

When Karen and Alice return, Aya starts to voice this to Alice and at first she feels happy, until she claims it was only a mistake. To try to perk her up, Yoko suggests that while Alice may not have grown, her mind has. Though none of the girls can see how this would help anything. Aya suddenly brings up that it had been over a year since Alice was in England, but she insists it is fine since she can talk to her parents every day on the phone. She does miss her parents a lot though, but she can't just go home because she would miss Shino too much now. Shino suggests that Alice go home for a visit and claims that while she will miss Alice, she should let her parents see how much she has grown since coming. Karen reveals that she will be visiting England with her parents during the summer, so she tells Alice she can join them. Alice agrees to it, but only if it is for a few days.

It's then Alice suggests that Shino come with her. She claims she can't though, since she doesn't want to introduce on Alice's family time. She starts to compare Alice to the way she used to know her, to how she is now, but the anology fails after Alice points out she chose the wrong animal to represent it. Suddenly, Aya recalls that they never studied. Right away, Yoko and Karen pull on a pair of prescription glasses again.

After the exam, it is revealed that Alice and Aya did "not bad", while Yoko, Shino, and Karen did awful.

Later on, the class is preparing for the Closing Ceremony on the first semester. Aya works to help the others, but after Karen and Shino refuse she balls up the rag and throws it at Karen, hitting her in the forehead while yelling at her to clean up. As they resume, Karen asks Aya if she likes to clean, or if she may be a clean freak. As Yoko is walking by, Shino mentions that clean freaks don't like being touched, so curiously, Yoko touches Aya to see how she responds. She is quick to curse and start trying to push her out of the door, telling her to go back and clean her own classroom while Karen and Shino discuss this.

In their classroom, Yoko finds Alice moping with her rag. Alice shows her the burn mark, right in the center of it, and recalls that she made an attempt to iron it. She made a large burn, and by now it's even dirtier than what it was to begin with. Originally she wanted to just confess and tell Shino what happened, but she panicked and hid it from her instead. As Yoko asks her about being honest with Shino, they are joined by their teacher, Akari. Alice explains what happened, and she reveals it is impossible to mend, so Alice should just sincerely apologize. This saddens Alice and Akari offers to apologize with her, so they go to find Shino.

They find her and Alice hands over the hankerchief. She quickly apologizes to Shino for what she did and hands over the cloth. At first Shino is confused, voicing that she thought maybe it blew away in the wind, then she takes the hankerchief and turns it around, pointing out to Alice that the burn mark resembles Australia - which makes her very happy. The girls embrace while Akari watches from the background, wondering what she just witnessed.

In the hallway, Honoka is cleaning when she spots Karen's hair touching the floor in the nearby room. She slowly holds it up for her to help, and at first it seems fine until Aya catches her standing behind Karen and asks what she is doing; alerting Karen to her prescense.

Aya is tasked with dumping out some trash when she happens to realize Yoko is next to her. From the surprise she starts yelling, which surprise Yoko and she starts to yell in response. Yoko calls her clumsy while they make their way back, and when they reach the classroom, Aya asks Yoko to play a game of Shiritori with her. At first it goes well, but when the bell rings the girls are forced to seperate as Aya struggles to think of a word. It suddenly comes to her and she grabs onto Yoko's skirt to stop her, so Yoko tries to tell her they have to quit as she tells her the word she thought of.

Eventually the day has come to an end. Sakura and Akari have both left a message on the board for their students before going and everyone leaves the school, excited for their vacations. The girls stop at town, with Aya, Shino, and Alice going to purchase swimsuits, while Karen will be going out to eat with her parents. Yoko passes, since she needs to bring her twin younger siblings home.

At the shop, the girls begin to observe the swimsuits. Alice shows them a picture she drew of her in a pink bikini, but as Aya tries to make out the picture, Alice voices that she probably isn't ready for a bikini yet. She heads off to find an employee to see if they may have what she is looking for, but Aya worries the employees will laugh at her, so she quickly yells to stop her and grabs her hand, leading her to something she will pick instead.

Later on, the girls are heading home with their new purchases. Alice is very excited to wear her swimsuit, and to their surprise they happen to spot Karen riding by in her parents vehicle. Meanwhile, Aya is walking by and is spotted by Yoko and her younger brother and sister. Shino recalls all that she has left to do now is show her mom the report card, but in fright she panics and runs in the opposite direction as Alice gives chase.

Shino gets home, where Itsumi asks to see it. She believes the owner did great, but as it turns out, Shino just showed her Alice's report card. She asks to see her little sisters, but Shino tries to beg her sister to just forget about it; though it doesn't work.

Yoko shows up sporting tons of gear for their beach. She mentions being born in summer, and voices how important it is to spend every summer day, since they go by so quickly. Seeing her excitement, Shino compares Yoko to a cicada- which causes her grief.

Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything

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