Because I Love You More Than Anything
Naniyori Tobikiri Suki Dakara
Scenario Yuniko Ayana
Storyboard Tensho
Episode Director Tensho
Animation Director Haruo Ōgawara, Takuya Tani
Japanese Air Date

June 21, 2015

Opening Yumeiro Parade
Ending My Best Friends
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Because I Love You More Than Anything (なによりとびきり好きだから Naniyori Tobikiri Suki Dakara?) is the twelth episode of Season 2. In this episode, Alice and Karen return from England, just in time for the brand new semester to begin.

This was the final episode of Season 2.



Before returning to Japan, Alice and Shinobu Ōmiya have an along-waited conversation through the phone. After Alice and Karen return they bond with their friends while going over what occured between the two groups, then they prepare to start their brand new semester. While doing so, Shino comes to make a tough decision.

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Full SummaryEdit

Because I Love You More Than Anything/Summary



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