Kōta Inokuma
猪熊({{{2}}}) 空太 ({{{2}}})
Inokuma Kota
Gender Male

[[Wikipedia:Megumi Han|Megumi Han]]


Kota Inokuma (猪熊 美月 Inokuma Kota?) is the twin brother of Mitsuki Inokuma and the little brother of Yoko Inokuma.

Originally appearing as a background Character in Season 1, as of Season 2 he is in Fourth Grade and gains a slightly larger role.


Kota slightly resembles Mitsuki, but seems closer to resembling Yoko. His hair is light brown with a slight reddish hue with brown eyes. He is normally depicted in a two-layer shirt and shorts with sneakers and socks.


Appearing rather quiet, Kota is known for being a consummate liar and often makes up weird tales alongside his sister. He is shown to care for and understand his sister very much, shown when he comforts her at the time took ripped mitsuki's teddy bear.



Kota Inokuma/Image gallery

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