Season 2 of the anime adaption, titled Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic started to air April 5th, 2015. The opening theme is Yumeiro Parade, and the ending theme is My Best Friends.

Main CharactersEdit

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Shinobu Ōmiya (大宮 忍 Ōmiya Shinobu?)
Voiced by: Asuka Nishi
A kind girl who goes by the name of Shino. After befriending Alice during her stay at England, Shino gains a love for all things English and Blonde. She has a talent in sewing.
Alice Cartelet (アリス・カータレット Arisu Kātaretto?)
Voiced by: Manami Tanaka
A girl from England who transfers into Shinobu's school and stays at her house. She loves Japanese things and is viewed as childish by others due to her small stature. She is protective over Shino and gets envious easily. She is in class with Yoko.
Aya Komichi (小路 綾 Komichi Aya?)
Voiced by: Risa Taneda
Shinobu's classmate with a large crush on Yoko. She has known Shino and Yoko since she was younger after transfering to their school. She is kind but easily flustered.
Yōko Inokuma (猪熊 陽子 Inokuma Yōko?)
Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama
Alice's classmate and friend of the girls. She is oblivious to Aya's growing affection for her and doesn't do well in school. She has a temper and often appears calmer than her friends, but she can be just as goofy as they are
Karen Kujō (九条 カレン Kujō Karen?)
Voiced by: Nao Tōyama
A half-British, half-Japanese girl who was Alice's friend back in England. She also comes to Japan and enrolls in Shinobu's school. During season 2, she is in class with Shino and Aya and has befriended a girl she met the year prior, Honoka.


# Title Date
Episode Summary

Spring Is Here

Haru ga Kita

April 5, 2015
Shino and Aya struggle getting used to not being in the same class as their friends, while Karen finds herself intimidated by her new strict homeroom teacher, Akari Kuzehashi. Akari really wants to get along with the students but always scares them instead. Later, the girls try to learn more about Shino and find out the cause of her foreign interests. 

Present For You

Purezento Fo Yu

April 12, 2015
Akari continues to try to get her students to like her and later the girls get together at Shino's to make sweets for an afternoon tea party. Later, as Shino's class makes happis, Akari is given encouragement from Karen and is able to sincerly smile.

You're So Bright

Anata ga Tottemo Mabushikute

April 17, 2015
Yoko's younger twin siblings show up at school and cause problems with a lie. Aya tries to help them become more honest and apologize and realizes that she doesn't take her own advice. The girls try to help Alice miss her dog from back home less.

Rain or Shine

Ami ni mo Makezu

April 24, 2015
Alice and Aya become delinquents in order to look grown up, but Shino and Alice get into a fight. They soon make up, while Aya accidentally trims her bangs too short and is ashamed over her exposed forehead. Alice worries over the flowers she planted a few months ago.

Come Play with Your Big Sister

Onee-chan to Asobo

May 3, 2015

Concerned over Isami's strange behavior the girls invite her to hang out with them. While depressed, she soon becomes her usual self after helping Shino. Later in the day, Alice finds inspiration from a story and goes on a trading quest, eventually getting a valuable ring from Karen - which she trades with Isami for the one thing more important to her, Shinobu. 


The Girl on My Mind

Kininaru Ano Ko

May 10, 2015

The girls visit a restaurant run by the family of a classmates of Karen, Honoka Matsubara. After Shino and Honoka bond over their love of blonde hair, Honoka attempts to get to know Karen by asking for her e-mail address. The next day, Akari thinks back to her high school days when she first met a familiar upperclassman... 


My Dear Hero

Mai Dia Hiro

May 17, 2015

Karen runs from home after a fight with her dad and spends the night at Shino's. The next day she makes up with her father and tells the others about Alice from their past. One day, she tried to catch her friends attention while she was focused on learning Japanese and she fell and got hurt. Just as she lost hope of being found, Alice had come out and searched all evening to try to find her. Since then, Karen has felt that Alice is someone very special to her and calls her a Hero. 


Almost Summer Vacation

Mo Sugu Natsuyasumi

May 24, 2015

The girls make plans to go to the beach but have to prepare for their final exams. As they stop by a fast food joint, Shino suggests that Alice joins Karen in England while she visits her parents. Later as everyone is tidying the classrooms the girls decide to go out and shop for swimsuits.


A Special Day

Totteoki no Ichinichi

May 31, 2015

Aya pays Yoko a visit to help her get her homework sorted; leading to various mishaps. Meanwhile Shino goes out for a hair cut while Karen and Alice hang out with Honoka. After, Karen motivates Honoka for her upcoming tennis match, which takes place while they will be visiting the beach.


Seaside Promise

Umibe no Yakusoku

June 7, 2015

The girls spend a long day at the beach together, as do Sakura and Akari. After a day of swimming, humiliation, and missunderstandings they visist the Seaside Park before making their way home.


A Long Night

Hon'no Sukoshi no Nagai Yoru

June 14, 2915
Before leaving for England with Alice, Karen spends a day with Honoka. During their time away, Shino feels lonely so Aya and Yoko try to cheer her up.

Because I Love You More Than Anything

Naniyori Tobikiri Suki Dakara

June 21, 2015
Alice and Shino have a long awaited phone conversation before Alice returns back to Japan. After her return the girls bond over together as they learn what happened during her trip. Meanwhile, as the new semester begins, Shino learns she has a new talent but tries to decide on what she needs to focus on; this talent, or her dream.

Notable StaffsEdit

  • Director: Tensho
  • Series Composition: Yuniko Ayana
  • Character Design: Kazuyuki Ueda
  • Color design: Ritsuko Utagawa
  • Art Director: Chikako Shibata
  • Director of Photography: Hyeon Dae Song
  • Editing: Mutsumi Takemiya
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Music: Ruka Kawada
  • Music Production: Flying Dog
  • Producer: Genco
  • Animation Production: Studio Gokumi
  • Production: Kiniro Mosaic Production Committee


Key VisualsEdit


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