Mr. Cartelet
Ohys Kin`iro Mosaic - 01 4
Mr. Kātaretto
Gender Male


Manga Kin-iro Mosaic Volume 1
Anime Kin-iro Mosaic Episode 1

Mr. Cartelet (Mr. Kātaretto?) is a character in Kin-iro Mosaic. He is the father of Alice Cartelet and husband of Mrs. Cartelet.


He is a tall, handsome man with very small brown eyes and sandy-blonde hair that reaches his lowe neck. He was depicted in casual clothing, like long shirts and pants.


He's rather friendly and warm, as seen in his sweet, loving smile to Shino whilst casually leaning on his mini.

His banter is top-notch, because he's British.


Mr. Cartelet (also called George in England) is the father of Alice Cartelet (that little blonde girl who is the heroine of the show), and the husband of Mrs. Cartelet.

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