Mrs. Cartelet (Mrs. Kātaretto?) is a character in the anime and manga Kin-iro Mosaic. She is the mother of Alice Cartelet and wife of Mr. Cartelet.


Mrs. Cartelet resembles her daughter, Alice. She has wide, bright green eyes and long, curly, pale-blonde hair. She wears her hair in a low ponytail with a brown bow, and has short cut bangs that reach her eyebrows and long, curled forelocks.

Unlike Alice, she has ample breasts. This contrary appearance is made fun of in Season, Episode 3 .

She is often depicted in a pale blue dress with a white frilled apron on top of it.


Like most mothers, Mrs. Cartelet is very kind and caring to her daughter and other people. She is very friendly and nice, but has shown to have a nasty temper when pushed enough; such as the instance when Karen and Alice were shown playing together as children and accidentally hit her with their toy disc.



Mrs. Cartelet has a great relationship with her daughter. Alice seems to have gotten her looks from her, and often writes letters to her in order to communicate.

Shinobu ŌmiyaEdit

During her home-stay, Shinobu got to know Mrs. Cartelet and due to her, got to know Alice a bit better. She was very kind to Shino and treated her like a mother would.

Karen KujōEdit

As Alice's longest friend, she has a close relationship with Karen and treats her like a second daughter.


  • she seems to be bilingual as she can communicate with Shinobu in Japanese and can speak English to Alice, Karen, and her husband.