While preparing for school and leaving home, Alice and Shino discuss the summer weather. They discuss how unpredictable the weather back in England is before being joined by Karen, who has come to show them her summer variant of her normal outfit. While Alice finds it to be unappealing, Shino is pretty pleased with it and asks how she got it. Karen reveals she made it, only for a cutaway to reveal she ripped the sleeves off of a shirt.

The trio continue to spot Yoko and Aya further ahead, who are discussing how cool the evening is, compared to the warm daytime. They comment on Karen's new summer attire, though they point out that she would probably get into trouble showing up with an outfit like this, so she digs through her items and goes off to change when they reach the building. When she finishes changing though, Yoko remarks that it actually isn't too different and Karen begins to fret that she will tell on her if the teacher doesn't. So for the rest of the school day Karen tries to cater to Yoko's various needs, much to her confusion.

Once school ends, the girls discuss the situation more, with Yoko promising not to tell on Karen. She is relieved, but grows uneasy when Alice brings up how scary her mom can be when angry.

The following day the girls start discussing summer vacation, up until they are reminded that they still have about two months until it comes.

Further up is Sakura and Akari, greeting the students as they walk by them into the school area. They comment on how everyone has changed into their summer uniforms, though Sakura asks Akari about her own outfit, which resembles her normal suit. Akari claims it is her summer uniform though, causing Sakura to claim that she'd think she would look better in cute clothes. As Akari attempts to think about it, she is surprised to see Sakura suddenly in a rabbit mascot costume. She had found it in a locker, and she decides to see if she wear it during such hot weather. Akari suggests that she doesn't try something so careless - but Sakura still wants to try anyway so she puts the head on. With that, they resume greeting students, but after a few, Akari realizes that Sakura is now on the ground and starts to panic.

After class, Karen gets a sudden text. She reads it before excitely leaving from the classroom, saying bye to Honoka while she runs past her. She heads down to Yoko and Alice's class to inform them that she will be leaving early and takes off, just as Aya and Shino arrive to question what may be going on. Yoko fills them in on the news that her dad got her a necklace she had really wanted, causing Alice to remark how close Karen is with her dad.

That evening, Alice and Shino approach the door after they hear someone ring the doorbell. To their shock, they find Karen on the other side - but before they can say much she suddenly begins to yell at them while using english, so only Alice is able to understand what she said. After they make Karen stop, Alice tells Shino that Karen got into an arguement with her dad, and now she claims to hate him. Karen recalls what happened, saying that her dad was actually unable to get the necklace; but not wanting to make her sad, he lied about it. Alice tries to tell her that she can just go and reconcile with her dad, but Karen refuses to go home. She has already called her mom to tell her that she wont be going home for the night, and quickly locates Shino's mom to get permission to stay. She sees no harm in it, though Alice is pretty upset.

They are joined by Isami, who just got home from work. She sees Karen and is informed that she will be staying with them for the time being. Then she watches as Shino gets Karen something to change into, commenting that the dress she chose didn't look good on Shino anyway. With that, Karen offers to just stay in the restroom for the time being to avoid inconviencing anybody.

Everyone sits down for dinner and starts eating while Karen mentions how much she usually just eats western foods; given that her mom is English. She quickly finishes and gets up from the table to help Shino's mom do the dishes, but Alice, feeling envious over this also finishes and proceeds to get up and do the same. As the girls bicker with each other, Isami simply tries to determine where they picked up such a habit.

Later, Shino decides to take advantage of Karen being there by trying to find her two blonde friends to ask them to share the bath with her. But she is horribly depressed after she sees they have already got into the bath and they didn't bother to find her first. Isami points out that the bath isn't big enough for all three of them, but this does little to console her.

Alice and Karen tend to their hair after finishing. Alice mentions that while Karen can take as long as she wants to stay there, she still believes that Karen should talk to her dad. She agrees to do this and steps out, calling her dad really quick. She is surprised to learn that due to his influences, he was able to find the necklace and get it for her after all. Delighted by the news, Karen quickly shares it with Alice, then calls the others to inform them of the news [Note : 1st Aya Komichi with her hair down]. After she finishes the call, Alice and Shino join her again and voice how happy they are by the turn of events. Karen claims that it's because of Alice that she was able to fix everything with her dad, then the girls sit down to play a game of cards.

Around ten, Shino is too tired to keep playing and offers to share the bed with Karen. Alice is quick to claim the bed is too small though, before stating that Karen moves too much in her sleep. Shino sees no flaw in this however, pointing out that she can put Karen against the wall, so if she gets kicked out of bed, she'll wind up next to Alice. To her it's a win-win, though Alice refuses to take part in this. The girls get the sleeping arrangements settled and discuss how much fun they had for the evening. Karen promises to let Shino stay at her home in England the next time she goes there, then mentions how they can invite the others, and even one-hundred people if she wanted. Shino comments on this, then shuts off the light and the three girls go to bed.

The next morning, Alice awakens to find out that Karen stole her blanket. She chastises this before getting up to try to wake them, but in the process of counting ten more seconds, she passes out within the first. The girls are then woke up by Shino's mom, who shows up right afterwards.

Aya and Yoko make their way to school while discussing Karen's call the night before. They don't get very far before the three show up, and they comment that Karen usually doesn't show up until later, since her house is in the opposite direction. She goes on to recall the events of the previous day.

Later on while the girls sit down for lunch, Karen decides to tell the girls about some past evens with Alice. She starts by describing the game they used to love playing, which wasn't house or anything simple, but a game of hero and monsters - much to their surprise. The girls are curious in knowing that Alice was often regarded as the older girl, so she usually got to play the hero. Karen remarks that by now, Alice looks like she should be her little sister, much to her annoyance. It's then Shino brings up that she would like to hear more, so Karen thinks about what to tell them about an event that occured after Shino left back for Japan.

One day, Karen came to visit Alice to find her practicing her Japanese writing. Karen comments that she has been doing this a lot lately and claims that because they don't have any lessons with her dad, they don't need to bother with it. She tries to force Alice to come outside, but she refuses, frustrating Karen. She tries to think of something to do before she recalls a fun Japanese game they can play. So she runs off to grab it.

Later on in the day, Alice has finished her writing practice. She gets up and checks around the house but is surprised when she doesn't see Karen. She asks her mom, who tells her that Karen stormed out a while earlier, but she never came back. Worried over Karen, Alice runs out of her house and checks the area, to try to find her. She keeps going, only to spot Karen's shoe on the ground, held by a cat who happened to find it. Now in a panic, Alice grabs it and runs around while calling for her, unknowingly running past her.

Down, to the side of the bridge is a grassy patch where Karen is revealed to be laying. She slowly wakes up to realize this and attempts to figure out why she's there, recalling how she was walking on the top of the bridge. The cat had distracted her by meowing and when she turned to look at it, her ankle slipped and she fell down onto the hill, losing one of her shoes in the process. Karen sits up to see how battered she is and tries getting up, only to realize she might have broken her ankle from the fall.

As the time goes by, Karen sits while thinking about Alice. She starts to think that she doesn't care about her, only thinking about Japan lately and obsessing over it. But to her surprise she happens to hear Alice overhead, but she is unable to call for her after she tries to stand up, forgetting about her ankle. As Alice is running by, calling for her, Karen uses the brick wall of the bridge for support to stand up and tries to call for her. But she is unsure that she heard her and tries to determine what she can hurry up and do. She thinks about what she heard from Alice, regarding an all-purpose word used by the Japanese. So as soon as she starts to yell it, Alice hears her and quickly runs back to the bridge to find her. After they see each other, Alice runs off to grab help and within a little bit of time they rescue Karen.

Karen ends the story by bringing up how Alice left for Japan right after that, effectively bringing down the mood. Alice claims that she tried to tell Karen, but she was away on a trip at the time and was not able to. Karen teases her by calling her reckless, but she thinks about how she shouldn't talk - since she hurried up and forced herself to learn enough Japanese to leave for Japan and join Alice.

Later, Alice is surprised to see that Karen has bandaging on her ankle and foot. She worries until they explain it was an accident during PE. While reassured, Alice still worries a little and she decides to walk home with her as they leave. Shino wishes to join, though Yoko stops her by saying they need the time alone. Karen comments that Alice is still her hero, though Alice is a bit fussy and claims that she is the big sister. Karen asks what Shino may be then, so she claims she is both of their hero.

After thirty minutes Alice arrives home. She hears Shino on the phone and approaches to hear her talking to a search group, describing Alice's physical features in a panic, while Alice tries to catch her attention.

In a flashback, Alice and Karen are going to play their game again. Karen asks to play the role of Hero again, since she is tired of always being the monster, and Alice agrees. But in her attempt at defeating Alice, she accidentally hits Alice's mother, causing them to both get chased by her, claiming her to be the monster while apologizing.

Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything

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