One morning, Akari is busy preparing her lunch. She gets her hair ready and stops at the mirror to practice smiling; but with no progress she gives up and finishes getting ready before taking off.

While walking along the path, Akari stops to observe some students chatting with each other. She makes an attempt to smile, but as they turn to look at her, find her glaring instead. Much to their alarm, they quickly bow to greet her and make a run for it. It's suddenly that Karen runs up to Akari and asks to borrow her scrunchie. Akari hands it to her as Shino is approaching. They explain that they decided to play color tag and she asks to have it back.

In the staff room she complains over Karen's bold behavior while fixing her ponytail. Sakura approaches to greet her and Akari hands her a stuffed bear. While Sakura cuddles it, she requests for some help to learn how she can be like her. So together they leave the office while discussing her problem. While Sakura is understanding, she believes Akari is fine the way she is. But Akari refused to take that as an answer and insists that she wants to become a new person this year. She happens to spot two girls from her class and attempts to smile to them again - but with the same results from earlier. With disappointment she heads to her class.

There, Akari collects papers while thinking about why her students respond like they do. As she frets that she may glare at them, she ponders the idea of wearing sunglasses until she realizes it may just make her even more scarier. It's then she spots Karen looking up at her with a smile. Right away she is touched and she tries very hard to respond with her own smile - but once again she glares and Aya worries that Karen did something bad while Shino remains oblivious.

Once class ends, Akari heads out into the hallway and is approached by Sakura again. Seeing that she is down she suggests that Akari go up and squeeze something cuddly. While she thinks this over, she watches as Alice appears with something for Sakura that she forgot in the room. Sakura uses this chance to squeeze Alice, much to Akari's shock by how easy shem ade it look. A flustered Alice runs back into class and tells Yoko what happened, but after doing that, Yoko squeezes Alice for the heck of it. Aya, Karen, and Shino watch from the doorway as this goes on and Aya decides to try squeezing Alice; further flustering the shorter girl. She easily runs up to hug Shino though, expressisng how much she missed her. The girls explain that they were going to be heading to the Library to return some books and they ask Yoko and Alice to join them. Quickly they accept and head over.

As Shino fawns over the long, blonde locks of rapunzel and Yoko questions it, Alice and Karen discuss the phrase "grinding sesame". But they find themselves discussing sesame-based foods instead. This inspires Karen to give Akari something sesame based, since a lot of asians seem to really like it. So she gives her a bag of roasted sesame in hopes of befriending her. Akari hesitantly thanks her before commenting that she is unable to understand her students.

Outside, the girls discuss the afternoon tea party that Shino wants to hold. Alice explains that she is really into them now, and Shino explains what she has learned regarding them. The girls are a little surprised it has taken her this long to get into them though, and Shino puts blame on Alice since she only drinks Green Tea. Alice claims to like Black Tea as well though, so they begin to discuss the snacking situation. Aya points out that a scone is proper for english tea parties, but the girls really want sweets and cookies. They wonder if they may be asking too much from Shino - but she insists she would put her own life on the line to see to it that this tea party goes on without a hitch.

Akari sits down to eat lunch and opens up the packet of roasted sesame from Karen. She puts some onto the rice in her bento while making conversation with Sakura. They discuss how nice ground sesame is, but after Akari reveals it has way more calories, Sakura starts to fidget and grow anxious about eating her lunch now.

After school the girls temporarily split up to change. Then the four reunite at Shino's to help her make the sweets for the Tea Party. They are surprised to find her in a maid uniform and she promises to be careful; though she incidentally spills something on it within a few seconds. Frustrated, Shino changes and hangs the apron of her skirt to dry and changes into a summer dress instead. As Alice helps her tie on an apron they explain that Karen will be a bit late since she's getting them a cake stand. But to their surprise, she suddenly shows up with a delivery box instead. Karen explains that the stand was too heavy and it's fine because it is similar - but Shino starts to cry out of annoyance. The girls calm her down and they tell Aya that since she is the only one with any real baking experience they're depending on her to help them. Aya scolds them for this, stating that they are only putting pressure on her.

As the girls start to make the dough, they discuss on whether or not Akari is any good at baking. Karen insists that she must be, since she teaches Home Ec. It's then Isami joins them to ask what they are up to. They explain that they are making cookies, and ask for Isami to lend them a hand until she tells them that she isn't a very good chef - however, it is implied she may be lying to get out of working. So she walks off while telling the girls to just let her know when they finish. The girls continue to work but within seconds, Yoko accidentally makes a mess on Aya - spilling flour and a bit of the batter. Aya scolds her and tells her to just go and sit down.

It's then the girls realize how late in the day it is. After Karen comments that it may not be afternoon tea anymore, Shino begins to break down and panic. The girls quickly calm her by working faster and once the doll is all rolled out, they use Aya's heart-shaped cookie cutters to quickly make the cookies and get them onto the pans. Yoko observes the many hearts, but finding them kind of boring she uses a stick to modify some of them, but of course this earns Aya's anger until Shino gets them to stop by reminding them they need to keep hurrying.

Soon the girls are able to get everything done. They get the tea set out, clean and prepare the table, and observe the freshly baked cookies. It is now evening though, but Shino insists that they can still make it work as long as they feel like it is still afternoon; though her mood dies as Isami tells her it is now Dinner Time. So with no choice, the girls have a small tea party at school the next day during break. They enjoy their hard work but the mood is pretty ruined, or so Shino thinks. Alice is able to perk her up though, so Shino suggests they hold a tea party at her place next time. The girls observe Karen to see that she has some wrapped cookies in packages. She finishes early and gets up to go and share them with her classmates who often share their own snacks with her.

Approaching Akari in the Teachers Lounge, Karen gives her some and asks that she shares them with the other teachers before running off. Akari happens to spot the sesame as Sakura approaching, believing she may have finally figured it out. She believes that Sesame must be very in right now amongst high school girls, so she thinks if Akari was to get into the latest trends she may be able to relate to the students better. Akari sees no harm in this info and they both decide to apply this to their classes. Shino is the only one to actually understand it though, which is enough to make Sakura happy.

Later on, Sakura and Akari discuss the happi coats she is going to be making in Home Ec. Sakura is sure she will do well, though Akari worries she will be unable to relate enough with the students to get them to respond well. Sakura tries to help her by telling her to be very energetic, and to even make a happi-related pun. However, Akari hesitantly refuses this idea, as she knows she would be unable to pull it off.

In one of the classrooms, Yoko is measured by Aya while Shino and Alice discuss their excitement to get to make Happi. One class will be doing it that day, while the other will go the following day. It's then they tell Aya that measurements aren't really required, but she claims she was only measuring Yoko to see how much she grew since the last year. When asked for an answer though, Aya dodges the question. Yoko goes on to express a desire in learning Cooking instead, but Shino is happy since she has been into sewing lately. She comments that she was inspired to learn after realizing how expensive cute accessories and clothing can be, then she takes out a long pretty skirt she sewn together. The girls are amazed and believe that with this passion, she may actually stand a chance to become an interpreter after all.

In the hallway, Akari tries to practice what Sakura told her. She is very nervous but because she trusts her, she makes an attempt at doing it. But before she steps into the class, Karen runs up to her and uses the pun - causing Akari to become angry with her. She goes in to start the class and introduces everyone to the main components, which include a bunch of scary equipment. This scares most of the students as she warns them if they goof around, she would know. So with that everyone begins, but she is left alone and awaits for someone to approach her. To her shock, Shino reveals that she has already finished. Akari observes it and is startled that someone like Shino could have done such flawless work. Shino is very happy that Akari likes it and she was praised, but both girls get somewhat flustered. Shino goes on to lend a hand to Aya, who keeps going off center. Shino warns her that she needs to move the needle faster to avoid that, but as it turns out, Aya is avoiding it because she's frightened of it. Karen tries to encourage her - but that only flusters Aya worse.

In a while, Akari decides to give everyone a ten minute break. As she goes to leave the room she spots Karen to see that she is busy sewing a little doll from some left over material.

In their own class, Alice shows up wearing a brides veil. Shino made it for her and she's very happy, but after Yoko tells her that by wearing one before her wedding day she is only delaying it. This alarms Alice and she returns the Veil to Shino.

Class rooms and Akari gains up enough courage to tell Karen that she can always ask her for help. To her surprise, both she and Aya have finished. As Karen tries her on she asks about the words sewn on them, and Karen points out that it is to express indivisuality. With that, Class ends. Akari leaves while telling the students that for anyone who didn't finish, they have to finish it by their next class. She is approached by Karen, who wants to give her the little tiger doll she made. Akari is surprised by this and brings up how Karen keeps giving her things. She asks if there was something she wanted, but while Karen expresses the desire to see her smile more, Akari is pretty sure she has an ulterior motive. But she tries to rid of the thought and accepts the gift before attempting to smile. She is able to pull off a little one and she thanks her. She joins Sakura and the two teachers leave together discussing the nickname Yoko assigned her.

The next day the girls watch as Akari is able to greet the girls passing her. They overhear the girls discussing how much nicer Akari has been lately, along with a more pleasent mood. The girls are happy, but Karen is a little smug by saying they have already been friends. She believes she could probably do anything with her, and makes an attempt to get her to dance with her. Only to start running when Akari chases her after Karen avoids her question regarding homework.

After the credits, Sakura tries to assign various animals to the girls. She believes Karen is like a cat, while Aya would be a black rabbit. Yoko asks about herself, but at first Sakura struggles. Aya points out that Yoko tends to eat a lot, so she would probably be a vaccum - causing Yoko aggrivation as Sakura goes on to agree with her.

Akari discusses Karen's strange dance invite with Sakura. She decides that they can dance after all, but she is too controlling and Karen loses interest in it.


Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything

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