Alice is on her way out to do some shopping and thinks about all of the noisy objects Shino made her put on her pack. She is pretty upset that Shino got that worked up, meaning that she only sees her as a child. While she is walking she spots Aya observing some mannequins; but she gets flustered after Alice calls out to her, having seen her posing.

The girls sit down and Aya brings up that she was just thinking about them due to a comment someone made the day before. Alice is able to agree with it and claims she gets the same comments a lot too, causing Aya to lighten up as she realizes they have quite a few similarities. Suddenly, Alice suggests they become delinquents. Aya doesn't understand, since she wants to be seen as a "mature woman", until Alice explains that Isami inspired the idea. She had been observing some photos of her and asked why she always looked so mature, so Isami stated she wasn't always a "good girl" and left it at that.

Heading to school is Sakura and Akari. Akari approaches to speak to Sakura, and admits that she's still worried over how she can relate to her class. Sakura suggests that she doesn't worry so much over it, but Akari is convinced that she just needs to work twice as hard. She promises to be very nice and kind, but to her alarm she happens to spot Alice and Aya wearing long skirts and crouched at a corner while "smoking".

Shino and Yoko watch from a distance, trying to figure out if something is wrong with the girls. Shino makes a gentle approach to get close to the girls while Yoko wonders if they were trying to tell them something. Karen joins her friends to mention her own previous desire to be a delinquent in the past - but she does not think they are doing it right. She tries to show them by threatening to break a window, but Akari was right behind her, causing her to run off in fear while wondering why she only seems to be the one getting caught by her.

Alice and Aya try to determine why their delinquency didn't work, causing Aya to mention that she has black hair, so it isn't really a sign of delinquency. Alice has blonde, but it's her natural color so it is a different case. Alice considers dying it black, but to the shock of her and Aya, Shino gets very ticked off and yells at Alice for even considering something so appaling. Alice doesn't really understand why she's so worked up, but she says nothing of it while Shino storms off. Yoko meanwhile, comments that they got into a fight over something completely stupid, while Aya tries to figure out what to do to calm them down.

In class, Alice and Shino are both suffering. Alice is in tears wondering what happened, despite Yoko telling her it wasn't actually a real fight. While Shino is highly remorseful over what she said and wonders why she did it, while Aya apologizes for even bringing it up to begin with. This makes Karen ask why Alice and Aya were trying to be delinquents to begin with, and Aya suddenly realizes that she and Alice didn't actually have a true reason for doing it. They only did it from a hunch Alice got from Isami, it hadn't been a definite answer. Karen jumps in to suggest that Shino just goes to apologize to Alice during their next break. But when class ends, the girls are surprised to see that Alice has already left.

Alice is by the vending machine, having decided to apologize to Shino. She thought she would grab a drink and try to make up with her, but when she hears Shino and the others she quickly hides beside the machine and watches as they run past before slowly following them. She finds the girls trying to search everywhere for her outside and Shino begs for Alice to come out. Shino is reduced to tears and Alice slowly reveals herself to them, touched by Shino's kind statement that she would love her no matter what her hair color was. As she sees Alice, she comments that she heard about Alice's concerns, and claims that she has matured and grown since coming to Japan. Alice is very happy and the two friends make up, causing Alice to mention that she wishes to be more like Shino.

Aya begins to think about what Alice said and she comments on maybe being like Yoko. Yoko is surprised to see her being so honest for once, then teases Aya by grabbing her notebook and making her chase after her. As Karen watches the two pairs, she thinks about role models and starts to wonder who hers may be.

Akari observes Sakura, but to her surprise, she is caught by Karen - who asks if Sakura is her role model. She is shocked that Karen was able to guess such a thing though.

In class, Yoko and Alice chat regarding how she made up with Shino. She is happy for Alice, then she comments that Alice seems to have gotten used to not being with Shino in class anymore. Alice confirms this, then shows the pillow case with Shino on it that Akari made. As Sakura comes in, she spots the hug pillow and is quite alarmed by it. She tells herself that she needs to scold Alice, and she proceeds to do so - saying that Alice will fall asleep in class. Of course, Yoko is shocked that this was her only concern.

After class ends, Sakura confronts Akari and demands to know why Alice had it. Akari apologizes for making it, explaining that Alice begged for it. Sakura decides to keep the pillow  for herself, but just then, Shino steps into the room. She spots Sakura napping with the pillow, instantly causing her to become flustered and alarmed.

When school ends, Akari is packing her items up while she thinks about things she can do for her students, like punishing and rewarding them. She happens to spot Karen stretching and notices that her stomach is showing. She approaches to scold her, then hands her a stomach band to cover it with, causing Karen to remark how kind she is.

While the girls walk home, Alice explains what inspired the Shino Pillow. The girls chat about what she could do to deal without Shino in class, including just giving Shino plenty of squeezes before it starts, but Aya suddenly stops and leaves. She runs up to a shop and hesitantly steps inside, where someone greets her.

The next day, Alice is busy watering her flowers. She is happy to see that they are going to bbloom soon and they think back to when Sakura told her and Shino about the flower club. Sakura suggests they grow something and Alice, excited for it decided to plant all sorts of things. As Sakura, Shino, and Alice chant to encourage the flowers to grow bigger, Akari watches from behind the wall nearby. Shino voices concern over how her flower looks as though it is wilted, but nobody really knows why that is. But Shino starts to wonder if reason why Alice doesn't grow may have to do with giving her too much love. On one hand, Alice is a bit depressed - but on the other, she's delighted to know how much Shino loves her. Karen runs by to ask how her about her own flowers.

As it turns out they have bloomed and are just nearby. Karen is excited to see how bright and colorful they are, but Alice can't figure out how or why they grew so fast when she hardly touched them. Karen believes it had to do with her energy and she attempts to share some with Alice, but she quickly refuses by claiming Karen sucks energy from her instead. They are joined by Yoko, who voices that Aya didn't plant any flowers due to a fear of bugs, while Yoko prefers to eat, and food in general compared to plants. She tries to play it cute by saying she also hates bugs - but the girls missread the gesture by thinking she has a stomach ache. Shino mentions that Aya isn't there yet, but Karen reveals that she actually is. She reaches behind a tree and makes an attempt to yank Aya from behind a tree.

By the time the girls manage to do this, Aya reveals that she had accidentally cut her bangs too short. Yoko claims it isn't a big deal, but Karen scolds her for being so thoughtless. Aya asks for tips on how to grow out her hair quickly, to get her bangs back to normal. Shino suggests seaweed, as she heard it's good for hair, while Alice mentions water growing flowers. Aya, desperate for a solution tries to pour water on herself. As Karen and Yoko try to make Aya feel better and comment on her forehead, Alice tries to determine why her flowers wont bloom yet. Shino suggests that they just head on back to class with that in mind.

Sakura and Akari discuss the flowers. Sakura asks if she wants to join them, but Akari is too flustered to agree to it, despite wanting to.

Yoko approaches Aya to ask for some help with their homework, but she sees someone wearing a cardboard box over their head. They claim to be Aya, but she doesn't believe her until she makes her flustered enough to prove it. Karen makes an attempt to help Aya feel better again by rearranging her bangs. She makes them match her own, and both girls approve of it - though Aya doesn't and gets pretty ticked off.

The girls leave to check on the flowers again. They try to figure out why Alice's flowers haven't bloomed yet, but Shino calms her by saying they most-likely will the next day. While depressed, Alice agrees and the five girls leave.

The following day, Shino and Alice express alarm to find out that it is pouring rain. They quickly meet up with the others while they run to school and to their relief, the flowers are alright. But Yoko expresses concern that the rain may be too much for them, so the girls make an attempt to protect them. Alice thinks back to when she used to help her mother grow flowers when she was little, but she's never been able to make them bloom, causing her to start crying. The others, shocked by her sadness try to encourage the flowers to bloom.  

Soon the rain calms and a rainbow appears. The girls step out for lunch and decide to check on the flowers again. Alice isn't expecting good news, but to her surprise, the flowers have bloomed. Alice is very happy to see this and Shino decides to replant hers after accidentally letting it wilt. Alice begins to discuss the lovely meanings to the Marigold flower with Shino, which keeps the light mood. But after Aya brings up that they can also mean "envy", Yoko scolds her for ruining the mood again.

After the credits, Alice and Shino enjoy some noodles. Shino brings up a noodle type known as "angel hair", and Alice brings up how shredded omelette resembles noodles and hair as well. They share a laugh until Shino expresses an interest in trying to taste Alice's hair.

Aya has tried on high heels in hopes of looking more mature. She is very proud when she gets a compliment, but she is forced to get help from Yoko after complaining about the pains she feels. This makes Alice call her a child while she cries.

Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything

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