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From left to right:
Tōyama, Nishi, Taneda, Uchiyama, and Tanaka.

Rhodanthe* (ローダンセ* Rōdanse*?) is a special unit formed under the label Flying Dog for the anime's production. The members are the voice actresses of the five main characters respectively. They also cast the mini-drama called Kyun-iro Mosaic.


Asuka NishiEdit

Asuka Nishi (西 明日香 Nishi Asuka?) is the voice actress of Shinobu Ōmiya. She was born on February 10.

Manami TanakaEdit

Manami Tanaka (田中 真奈美 Tanaka Manami?) is the voice actress of Alice Cartelet. She was born on November 21.

Risa TanedaEdit

Risa Taneda (種田 梨沙 Taneda Risa?) is the voice actress of Aya Komichi. She was born on July 12.

Yumi UchiyamaEdit

Yumi Uchiyama (内山 夕実 Uchiyama Yumi?) is the voice actress of Yōko Inokuma. She was born on October 30.

Nao TōyamaEdit

Nao Tōyama (東山 奈央 Tōyama Nao?) is the voice actress of Karen Kujō. She was born on March 11.





  • All the members' blood type is A.


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