Alice runs into Akari's classroom to show Shino, Aya, and Karen the fake food sample sushi she got. She has a few pieces and Aya comments on how foreigners really enjoy fake food samples for some reason, but as Shino warns Alice to make sure she doesn't try to eat one, Yoko appears and tries to do just that - not realizing it is fake until she tries to bite into it. Aya scolds her for not realizing it was a fake the moment she touched it, but Yoko blames it on being hungry.

Karen joins the girls to show them a poster she got the other day from someone handing them out on the street. The poster advertises a giant parfait that if someone can eat within thirty minutes, it is free. Right away Yoko is tempted to join, encouraged by the challange.

Later, the girls follow the directions listed on the poster to find the eatery. They approach it and before stepping inside, Aya asks Yoko if she has the money to pay for it in case she should lose. Yoko is sure she will win though - but Aya, not convinced, starts to ask the other girls how much money they have on hand.

Inside, as Honoka spots Karen and the group she tries to hide so that they wont see her. She is requested to take some water to their table and in a panic, she grabs a giant cat head and puts it on - but nobody is fooled, having recognized her voice. She pulls the cat head off while Yoko questions this shops job staff. To their surprise, it turns out that Honoka's family owns it. As the girls start to fawn over this new knowledge, Honoka explains that she tends to help out during the weekends. She is introduced to Yoko, who she has never personally met yet, then she writes down Yoko's request to challange their insane parfait. Honoka writes this down, then panics again while wondering if she should be more respectful towards Karen. But this misleads her into thinking they may be running a Maid Cafe.

Soon the order comes and the girls admire the parfait; which is composed of many macron, cream, fruits, ice cream, and a pudding on top. Aya is concerned that Yoko won't be able to finish but she is very confident, stating that as a girl, she loves sweets. She begins to dig in and is very delighted by how wonderful the taste is. They ask about the price while she eats, then upon learning if she fails she will owe them 8,000 yen, start to cheer for Yoko to keep her going. Alice complains that she is unable to eat, feeling full just from watching Yoko, but Shino actually feels hungry and requests to put in an order.

To the girls surprise, Karen approaches dressed in the uniform for the Shop. Aya asks for an explanation ahd she explains that she is going to lend the shop a hand, being a friend of Honoka's and all. She takes Shino's order of a hamburg steak meal while Honoka fawns over how elegant she looks. But she stops to tell Karen that she has to personally go tell the chef the order, not yell like at a diner.

Soon the food arrives and Aya stops Karen to take a picture of her in the uniform. After she gets one, she promises to send an email of it to her later on and Shino requests a copy of it as well. But they remind her that she doesn't have a cellphone, so Shino asks her to print out the picture. She is very happy but Alice is a little envious, so she puts on an apron and pretends to be a staff member as well. Shino fawns over her for a few minutes and Yoko realizes she can no longer eat anymore of the parfait. She feels too cold and full to continue, so she officially gives up. But to help her pay for it the girls offer to finish it for her as Aya points out that she gained a valuable lesson from this experience - along with some calories.

On a different day, someone shows up to partake in the challange. It winds up being Sakura, who has been able to finish the entire parfait. She feels a little bad that she ate so much, but decides that she should be fine if she cuts down on sweets for a month to make up for it. With that, she tries to sneak out, concerned that a student may spot her in there, having just eaten that. She walks right by Honoka and is alarmed when she voices her amazement behind what she witnessed.

In class, the girls are texting each other using their cellphones. Karen critisizes Yoko for being too blunt and suggests that she tries inserting hearts, like Aya does. Aya tries to deny this but Yoko just tries to see if her idea works. As they are chatting over it, Honoka watches while thinking that she would like to ask Karen for her email and cellphone number but she worries she wouldn't be able to get it. The moment that Shino comes inside, she stops her to point out a shiny blonde hair resting on her shoulder. She is able to identify it belonging to Alice and right away, the two girls begin chattering about blonde hair.

Alice comes into the room to see the girls and watches as they decide to form "The Blonde Alliance" and begin to go over magazines featuring blondes. Honoka is surprised by how much they had in common and right away Shino is able to guess that she wishes to get Karen's e-mail address. She encourages Honoka to just be direct with Karen and convinces her that she and Alice are no different from them. At first this seems to work, but Honoka chickens out after worrying she may sound like she's hitting on her.

While trying to figure out what she should do, Aya approaches to question her strange behavior. Honoka brings her out into the hallway and explains her concerns, so Aya suggests to her that she give Karen some sweets and include a message, asking for her e-mail address. Honoka tries this, but she incidentally causes Karen to grow wary of her instead - due to acting suspicious. Honoka is confronted by Aya and Shino and recaps what just happened, and shows them the note she forgot to include.

With that failed plan, Honoka decides to just give up for now. It's only common that someone like her would admire from the distance, but Shino offers her support to keep trying. Honoka agrees to keep going and she runs up to Karen, only to trip and fall onto the floor. Karen offers her a hand and quickly Honoka asks. Karen agrees and they exchange their e-mails.

Happily, Honoka chats with Karen in her bedroom that evening through texts. She is a little disappointed that Karen's texts don't match her speak but she doesn't mind.

The next day though, she reveals that Karen texted her all night. So now she's pretty worn out and tired.

Akari is heading to school when she sees some girls approach her. They ask for some help sewing something one girl had tried to make the other day. Then later, she heads to the mirror in the staff room to practice her smiling, until she gets caught by Karen. In the library, Akari has come to brought back a book when Alice comes by to speak to Karen, who is behind her. She asks for a little help regarding grammar, but Karen is unable to help so Akari tries. She is a bit unsure that she can do it, but she tries anyway. They are forced to approach Sakura - but she's no better at it. She is able to figure out a riddle though, which impresses Akari.

Later on, Alice is walking with the others they discuss how they hear various sounds coming from the after school clubs. They approach their teachers as they walk towards them and Alice asks them which clubs they were in as students. Akari mentions that she had been in track and field, much to their surprise. They ask Sakura what she was in as well, and she reveals it to be Theater Club. Shino asks for her to perform a little for them and while flustered, Sakura agrees to it anyway and decides to do a little skit, asking Akari for a hand. She acts as Cinderella while Akari represents the Stepmother. They do a little bit involving her cleaning, but the girls comment on how she isn't really acting in character.

The girls then start to wonder how their teachers behaved in high school. As it turns out they both graduated from this school, but they were two years apart so they didn't have classes together. As Akari mentions being unable to wear her old uniform anymore, Sakura gets rather flustered as she recalls wearing her own to the year-end party the year before. She changes the subject by showing a picture of what she looked like back in high school, including her lack of glasses and long hair pulled into braided pigtails. The girls are surprised by this, though they mostly believe she looks similar to how she looks now too. Akari grows a bit tense upon realizing that she recognizes the girl in the picture.

She thinks back to her time in highschool, when she was fiftreen. She had struggled getting used to the new school and was concerned that she wouldn't do too well. She panicked after bumping into Sakura, who was seventeen at the time. Sakura explains that she had been searching for a key that led to a room she was told to lock up - but she actually forgot where the room was, which shocks Akari to find out how nonchalant her older classmate is. She thought about helping Sakura before she came to grab lunch, but to her disappointment by the time she reached the front, the food was sold out. As thanks, Sakura offers her the sandwich she had been holding. After they find a seat, Akari reveals her concern to Sakura and to perk her up she sings a song. The song was very strange and weird in Akari's opinion but she clapped and thanked her despite. Seeing how happy Sakura is though, along with her dream of someday teaching there was enough to cheer Akari up though.

Suddenly, Akari yells out what her thoughts involved and she realizes the strange upperclassman was Sakura. Sakura is only able to question her sudden outburst while the girls happily comment on how they actually did know each other. With that the girls split up from their teachers to head home. Sakura and Akari chat again, and as it turns out, Sakura actually admires Akari for being someone with such an impact amongst her students.

After the credits, Shino asks Sakura if she looks up to anyone, then she reveals how she looks up to her. Akari spies on them while she waits for her answer.

Later, Karen asks Honoka why she keeps giving her so many sweets. Honoka is a bit flustered and decides she can't tell her the truth, so she lies by saying it's to help her gain weight. This causes Karen to fret that Honoka may be a witch who plans to eat her.

Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything
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Spring Is Here ・ Present For You ・ You're So Bright ・ Rain or Shine ・ Come Play with Your Big Sister ・ The Girl on My Mind ・ My Dear Hero ・ Almost Summer Vacation ・ A Special Day ・ Seaside Promise ・ A Long Night ・ Because I Love You More Than Anything

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